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Creating a playlist of inspirational songs to comfort in grief is a great way to soothe a hurting heart. Often in early grief, many people will listen to certain songs on repeat, which is normal. Some songs will be able to capture their exact emotions or put words to their utterly broken heart.

Inspirational songs have a tendency to uplift and remind us of our hope, not just eternally but for this side of heaven. They remind us of God's goodness even in difficulty and loss and help us fix our eyes on our heavenly home. God's presence is often palpable in worship, where we see God is with us in our pain and suffering. Inspirational music softens our heart, helps us cry out to God and cry tears that bring comfort and sweet relief.

It is our most profound prayer that you find strength in this selection of stirring songs.

Everyday Solace does NOT own the rights to any music listed.

10 Inspirational Songs to Comfort in Grief

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